Yamaha Introduces Environment-Friendly e-bike for Adrenaline Junkies

In a changing global scenario, healthy and safe transportation has accelerated the movement of riding bicycles.

Several automobile manufacturers around the world have been working on different products in the e-mobility domain. While electric cars, electric motorcycles, or electric scooters are being introduced, some of the 2-wheeler and car manufacturing companies are working on electric bicycles as well. Yamaha has become the latest Original Equipment Manufacturer to introduce their electric bicycle.

Yamaha Motors has decided to use its expertise in making both motorbikes and electric bikes to create a new mountain flagship e-bike. “Unlike the previous models which focused on usability, this model focuses on more exciting experiences. Our flagship model has rear and front suspension giving the bike a more-sporty feeling when riding,” said Kazuhiro Murata, Yamaha Motor Co, Limited.

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“An outdoor event was held to showcase new mountain electric-bike models as well as give guests a chance to test ride these e-bikes and experience the off-road adventure,” added Kazuhiro Murata. “The great thing about these bikes is that even those who haven’t done mountain biking before can experience the fun with the help of an electric drive unit,” said Kazuhiro.

Strategy behind e-bikes

Explaining the strategy behind electric bikes, Kazuhiro Murata said, “Before this new model, we started to produce bicycles in the year 1993 and our target market was mainly elder people. After this, we decided to expand to younger people including housewives. Now we have broadened the target market even further by including workers and students. By broadening the market for the bikes, the demand also increased. Prevention of global warming is the big focusing point, especially in Europe where electric transportation is very popular. And our electric bike doesn’t cause any carbon dioxide emissions so we believe we can have a big market.” “Japanese technology is adding comfort to daily life. It provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy sport and keep the environment clean,” said Kazuhiro Murata.

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