Yamaha Europe Releases Second Video Teaser of the New R7

The upcoming Yamaha YZF-R7 has been teased. Two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha Motors has released a second teaser video, of what is almost certainly a new R series model. In fact, the first teaser was released by the bike maker on 5th May 2021, which showed POV pictures of a racetrack, as well as a twisty mountain road, hinting that the motorcycle in query could be more of a sport tourer, something which will be a middleweight sports motorcycle, and possibly a replacement for the R6.

While the first teaser focusing on the terrain more than the motorcycle, the second teaser actually gives a date when the two-wheeler will be released, and we won’t have to wait long to get to know if it will actually be the YZF-R7. On 18th May 2021, Yamaha Europe will unveil the YZF-R7, and put an end to all speculation on what it will be.

Yamaha Bikes

The company produces some of the best bikes in the world. More than any other type of motorcycles, brand is known for its YZF-series. The Yamaha YZF series of bikes starts from the little 125cc YZF-R125 and includes the YZF-R15, YZF-R3.

The YZF-R1 motorcycle is one of the most advanced two-wheelers in the world and until last year, Yamaha also produced the YZF-R6. Its high-revving 4-cylinder engine was an aural masterpiece and it could keep up with the litre-class bikes even though it slots into the 600cc segment. The bikemaker never sold the R6 motorcycles in India, but it remained in production for the European market until last year. Thanks to stringent Euro 5 emissions standards, Yamaha ended production of the R6 and continued to make the motorcycle in limited numbers for track use. Some media sources suggested that Yamaha motors would develop a faired sports motorcycle based on the MT-07. Now Yamaha has released a video to teaser its upcoming bike.

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Yamaha YZF-R7 Video Teaser – “Track. Street. R/World.”

The video is titled – “Track. Street. R/World.” There are no design details of the upcoming R7 model. The video doesn’t even reveal the silhouette of the bike but simply displays the point of view of the bike rider. It first shows the vehicle being ridden on a racetrack and then on some twisties in the mountains. This shows that the upcoming two-wheeler has been honed for the racetrack as well as for the road.

The two-wheeler manufacturer hasn’t officially named it the YZF-R7, but there is little left to doubt if it is actually the R7 that has been teased. The specifications are not known at the moment, but we expect more details to surface in the coming months. In terms of design, the upcoming Yamaha R7 model will follow the design language of the YZF-series and will look similar to the flagship YZF-R1. The launch date of the upcoming model hasn’t been revealed yet, but we expected it to be launched in the second half of 2021.

The YZF-R6 is a bike that simply can’t be replaced. Its high-revving engine was a masterpiece. However, customers have moved on from the 600cc segment. The new R7 model will compete with the likes of the Aprilia RS 660, Kawasaki Ninja 650, Honda CBR650R, etc.

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