Tata updated the infotainment system for its Nexon SUV

The biggest automobile manufacturing company in India, Tata Motors has updated the infotainment system for its Nexon SUV. The company has removed physical buttons for the 7.0-inch floating display unit available with the XZ and XZ+ trim levels. With the removal of buttons, the overall appearance of the dashboard gets a streamlined feel, but many manufacturers are now finding it sensible to bring back buttons and dials for better functionality.

Nexon SUV Interior

Please note, in these top-spec models, you always got steering mounted controls for all the functions that these (now removed) buttons performed. The ICE powered Nexon is the first to get this update and we are expecting this update to roll out for the Nexon EV as well as the Harrier and Safari both of which use similar systems.

Tata Nexon – Variants and Pricing

The Tata Nexon is a compact SUV from the Indian automaker. Launched, in 2017, it received a facelift in 2019.

Petrol Diesel Automatic
NEXON XE (Petrol, Manual) Rs 709900NEXON XE (Diesel, Manual) Rs 845500NEXON XMA (Petrol, AMT) Rs 859500
NEXON XM (Petrol, Manual) Rs 799500NEXON XM (Diesel, Manual) Rs 932500NEXON XMA (S) (Petrol, AMT) Rs 911500
NEXON XM (S) (Petrol, Manual) Rs 851500NEXON XM (S) (Diesel, Manual) Rs 984500NEXON XMA (Diesel, AMT) Rs 992500
NEXON XZ (Petrol, Manual) Rs 899500NEXON XZ (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1032500NEXON XZA+ (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1039500
NEXON XZ+ (Petrol, Manual) Rs 979500NEXON XZ (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1112500NEXON XMA (S) (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1044500
NEXON XZ+ DT (Petrol, Manual) Rs 996500NEXON XZ+ DT (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1129500NEXON XZA+ DT (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1056500
NEXON XZ+ (S) (Petrol, Manual) Rs 1039500NEXON XZ+ (S) (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1172500NEXON XZA+ (S) (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1099500
NEXON XZ+ DT (S) (Petrol, Manual) Rs 1056500NEXON XZ+ DT (S) (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1189500NEXON XZA+ DT (S) (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1116500
NEXON XZ+ (O) (Petrol, Manual) Rs 1069500NEXON XZ+ (O) (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1202500NEXON XZA+ (O) (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1129500
NEXON XZ+ DT (O) (Petrol, Manual) Rs 1086500NEXON XZ+ DT (O) (Diesel, Manual) Rs 1219500NEXON XZA+ DT (O) (Petrol, AMT) Rs 1146500
NEXON XZA+ (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1172500
NEXON XZA+ DT (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1189500
NEXON XZA+ (S) (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1232500
NEXON XZA+ DT (S) (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1249500
NEXON XZA+ (O) (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1262500
NEXON XZA+ DT (O) (Diesel, AMT) Rs 1279500

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For a quick recap, the Tata Nexon in the top-spec XZ and XZ+ trim is offered with a Harman developed 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that’s Android Auto/Apple Car Play compatible. It runs Tata’s connect Next infotainment system that is offered with voice control, video playback and notification readout.

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