RedMoto XEV Will Soon Launch Affordable Electric Bikes and Scooters

Indian mobility startup RedMoto XEV is working to launch three new electric vehicle models in the Indian market. Chhattisgarh based startup RedMoto XEV is all set to launch two scooters and one motorcycle. The models will be available to buyers in the Indian market from May 21 this year. The use of Eco-friendly vehicles will help to control pollution and will also help in maintaining an eco-friendly environment. The company claims that the upcoming E-2 wheelers will be affordable on the fuel cost as they will consume less electricity while charging.

Founder and CEO Jitendra Kamavisdar said that “our company is almost prepared to sell these E-vehicles to people at an affordable price with better design. These E-bikes will prove to be the first such affordable bikes that will cost between Rs 80,000 to Rs 85,000 while the scooters would cost in the price range of Rs 65,000 to Rs. 72, 000.”

R3X and R1X scooter and R5X motorcycle

RedMoto XEV will launch all three variants (R3X and R1X scooter, and R5X motorcycle) in Chhattisgarh initially and will be later made available to consumers in other states as well. The company is prepared to sell its e-vehicles at an affordable price. Once charged for 4 hours, the vehicles will have a runtime of 60 km. The low-speed units feature a 48V system, with an optional battery type of Lithium or VRLA. All three e-vehicles (R3X, R1X, R5X) are ICAT tested in the low-speed category.

RedMoto XEV Electric Vehicle
R3X, R1X, R5X – Three New Electric Vehicle

The R3X boasts a fairly modern styling. The R1X looks like a retro-style scooter and clearly borrows few styling clues from Vespa. For those looking for a more traditional machine, the RedMoto XEV also deploys the R5X motorcycle, which looks like a standard commuter. With a fake fuel tank, tall windshield and two-up saddle, this bike is a practical companion for everyday urban operations.

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In addition, the company claims that there will not be much expenditure on the maintenance of these vehicles, which will reduce the extra burden on the pockets of consumers. As of now, the company has three models to begin, RedMoto XEV will be launching a range of electric vehicles over time.

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