Points to check before taking delivery of a new car

Everyone wish to own and drive his/her favourite car someday. As we all know in the present time there is a number of car brands and models existing in the market. With so many variants selecting the perfect one becomes quite difficult. After considering all the factors, when you finally opt for the right one, you have to deal with the daunting purchasing process. After signing a deal and managing financial assistance, you finally get your car registered in your name. But is that where your duty ends as a car buyer? The answer is no! For purchasing your dream car you are shelling out lakhs of rupees so it is your right to ensure that you get the best product.

No doubt! Taking delivery of your new vehicle is quite exciting. However, it is important to put in some extra effort and while taking your car delivery to inspect the car, look for things like odometer reading, colour and body of the car, bonnet, tyres, electrical components and the music system to ensure that you get your dream car in good condition. Believe me, your dealer might not take responsibility if you notice something wrong in your car after you leave the showroom. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Here, I am going to tell you the points you need to check when you take delivery of your new car.

Interior inspection is a must

Get inside the car and check the interior of the vehicle. Confirm that everything is in perfect working condition and all the buttons and switches should be fitted correctly. Check if all the various adjustment functions for components like the steering, wing mirrors, seats and seatbelts work properly and check all electrical within the cabin such as the air-conditioning, audio system/ touchscreen, the instrument cluster lights, cabin/reading lamps etc. Inspect the quality of the dashboard, upholstery stitching, carpets, door pads, seats, and check the overall fit and finish levels are acceptable or not. Also, keep an eye out for any moisture on the upholstery and carpets as it could be a sign of water seepage.

External inspection is critical

As you all know that the brand new vehicle is not manufactured in the showroom. It is transported from the factory or warehouse. During storage and transportation, there can be minor scratches or blemishes. Usually, the dealers take care to cover up these blemishes, if any. Two pair of eyes are better than one. Hence, take a trusted mechanic or a friend or relative along with you to perform the Pre Delivery Inspection. Walk around the car slowly and see for any scratches especially in the bumpers and along the sides of the car. Look out for areas that appear repainted, bring them to the dealer’s attention. Check the rubber seals around the doors and windows for cracks. Switch on all exterior lights and ensure they are working properly.


Once you are convinced and satisfied with the car, it is time for you to focus on the documentation process. Ask the dealer to show you the “Form 22” which is issued by the manufacturer and contains the car’s engine number, chassis number along with the month and year of manufacture. Make sure the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should be the same as the one appearing on the bill of sale, registration certificate and the finance or lease agreement. Check the insurance details and file receipts of all payments done towards registration and accessories. Make sure your name, address and other details are correct and consistent across documents.

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It is better to be safe rather than regret later on. Follow all the above-mentioned points and have a great time purchasing the car of your dreams. Putting efforts in the initial stages can give you complete peace of mind. It also ends up doubling the excitement levels, as well. It is advisable to clear all your doubts about the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle before you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle.