Nexzu Launches Roadlark Cargo E-Cycle for E-Commerce Deliveries

Formerly Avan Motors, India’s fastest-growing EV manufacturer, Nexzu Mobility has launched a cargo version of the Roadlark electric bicycle, specially designed for meeting the bulk last-mile delivery needs of e-commerce businesses across the country. It can be used in restaurants, cloud kitchens, supermarkets, retail outlets, industrial parks, garages, essential service suppliers, service and maintenance companies. It offers a load-carrying capacity of up to 50 kilograms. A driver’s license or registration is not required to ride this electric cycle. In line with its commitment to buyer centricity, Nexzu Mobility’s Roadlark Cargo electric bicycle is highly customizable. Therefore, buyers can choose from several carriers according to their needs and preferences. Options include baskets, bags and even boxes.

Roadlark Cargo Electric Cycle: Powertrain

The Roadlark Cargo Electric Cycle is powered by dual batteries that add to the range of the electric cycle. One 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery remains fixed while the other 8.7Ah lithium-ion battery is detachable. The Roadlark Cargo is powered by a BLDC 250W 36V electric motor that resides in the rear hub of the electric two-wheeler. The electric bicycle can reach a top speed of 25kmph.

Roadlark Cargo Electric Cycle: Features

The new Roadlark Cargo is a ‘Made in India’ electric cycle, sporting multiple features such as a double battery with an easy charge facility, cold-rolled steel frame, full fenders, lights, and dual electric disc brakes.

Roadlark Cargo E-Cycle

Speaking about the Roadlark Cargo ecycle, Rahul Shonak – Chief Operating Officer, Nexzu Mobility, noted “Roadlark Cargo is built with superior strength steel, which gives durable rides on difficult roads. Equipped with high safety features such as dual e-disc brakes, it also comes with advanced features of IoT-connectivity, designed and developed by the electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The value proposition of this bicycle is by far the best in the industry.”

Roadlark Cargo has two riding modes – Pedlec and Throttle. E-cycle up to 100 kilometers in Pedlec mode and 75 kilometers in Throttle mode. The cycle is available at starting price of Rs. 42,000 and customers can also order it online from the company’s website.

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