How to Clean the Interior of a Car – Tips and Tricks

You probably spend a number of hours a day in your car commuting to work, attending table tennis practice, kids school meetings and long drives for fun. It is undoubtedly true that your vehicle is basically an extension of your home but on wheels. If you spend most of the time in your car, I mean you drive a lot for work or have small kids and pets, I can well understand that how hard it can be to keep the inside of your car clean. You might be wondering, How often to clean the interior of a car? Wait, let me tell you. How often to clean your car depends on driving conditions, how the vehicle is used, the number of passengers, and how frequently you drive.

Cleaning the interior of your car is important for maintenance and value and believe me, it will certainly improve the air quality. To keep the inside of your car sparkling follow the below mentioned quick cleaning tips and tricks.

1. Remove Trash

For cleaning the interior of your car, the first important step is to clear the trash. Remove all coins, papers, junk food wrappers, bottles, toys and other objects that have accumulated. Remove the objects that your vacuum can’t handle. Pull all of the trash from the floorboards, cup holders, door pockets, and seat pockets and recycle or dispose of it. Move seats forward and backwards to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2. Cleaning the Centre Console

The centre console usually includes cup holders that can get messy. To reach tight corners, use an old toothbrush, damp cotton swab, or wrap a damp paper towel around the tip of a dull knife or flat-head screwdriver. If the cup holder is removable, soak in some warm water and add liquid soap. Scrub it clean with a sponge. Dry and reassemble the console.

3. Dashboard, Windows and Door Panels

Whether the dashboard of your car consists of leather, vinyl, or some other material, it can be one of the most difficult parts of the interior to clean. The angle of the windshield in some cars can create hard-to-reach areas on the dash, and worse, it tends to be the dustiest area in your car. Use a damp microfiber cloth to get dust and dirt off your dashboard, windows and door panels.

4. Clean Car Seats

The three main types of material used for car seats are leather, vinyl, and cloth, each requiring different cleaning methods. Vacuum both front and back seats. It is advisable to check your car’s manual to check for approved cleaners to use on your car seats. You can use a stain remover to remove the stains. Don’t forget to clean your seat belts.

Interior Car Care

5. Floor Mats

To make vacuuming easier, pull out the floor mats and shake them out as much as possible. Slide seats forward and backwards to clean the floor. Remove the mats, scrub them with soap and hot water or a foaming carpet cleaner and allow them to air dry completely before reinstalling them. Return the mats to the car after you finish vacuuming the interior. In addition to all these, You can also check Important Exterior Car Care and Maintenance Tips.

Final Word

On a bright sunny day, you can open all of your car doors and windows to air out the interior of your car. Spray or install a new air freshener to get rid of the smell. With these simple tricks, you can clean the interior of your car, from the steering wheel to the carpet and keeping your car “like new” can increase its resale value by hundreds, or even thousands.