Honda Motor Europe rolls out a new cabin air filter that blocks the COVID-19 virus

Honda Motor Europe had introduced a new four-layered cabin air filter that can keep the COVID-19 virus out of the vehicle’s cabin. To keep passengers safe the air filter brought out by Honda Motor Europe has four layers of materials. This premium cabin filter was developed in cooperation with Freudenberg and is offered as a new Honda genuine spare part, as an alternative to the standard Honda pollen filter.

The multi-layer cabin air filter rolls out by Honda effectively filters, captures and suppresses noxious environmental gases as well as inorganic and biological particles and aerosols.

The first two microfibre layers of the premium air filter act as a defence barrier against most ultrafine aerosols, dust and pollen while the third activated carbon layer provides additional adsorption of harmful pollutants such as particulates and acid gases. An innovative fourth bio-functional layer has fruit extracts that, as per the company, provides the filter with the ability to trap virus particles.

Eiichi Hino, President Honda Access Europe NV, said “As society is now more aware than ever of the impact of germs and viruses such as COVID-19, we expect the demand for protective solutions to increase rapidly. This premium cabin air filter is a great example of Honda working together rapidly with its suppliers to deliver a product of real benefit that improves the health and safety of driver and occupants.”

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Apart from Honda, companies like Mercedes and Tesla have stated that some or all of their products offer an optional HEPA system. Honda dealerships can supply and fit this new filter, which is available for all recent Honda models.