Honda Announces New Plans for Electric Motorcycles and Scooters

Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda has announced its plans for the future in the burgeoning global electric 2-wheeler space. Honda Motor Company plans to roll out new electric bikes as early as 2024, in the personal use as well as high-performance Electric Vehicle segment.

In a Press Conference Honda Motor Company’s President and Representative Director Toshihiro Mibe said that to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, in addition to introducing GYRO e: and GYRO CANOPY e: in the area of business-use bikes, scheduled for this year, we are going to introduce three new Electric Vehicle models in the area of personal use, in classes with engine sizes of below 50 cc and below 125 cc., by 2024. We also will introduce new products in the “FUN” area as well.

Honda Personal Use EVs

The bikemaker’s new plans for electric motorcycles and scooters include three electric vehicles in what it calls the personal use space. The graphics released by the Honda Motor Company show silhouettes of two e-scooters and one motorcycle. These electric bikes are said to offer similar kinds of performance that you get from 50 cc to 125 cc petrol-powered scooters and motorcycles.

Honda FUN Category Bike

The automobile manufacturer plans to also roll out another electric motorcycle in what it calls the FUN category. While details about the Electric Vehicle haven’t been revealed yet, it seems to be a high-performance electric bike. At least, that’s what can be inferred from the graphic of a fully-faired bike.

The first three electric vehicles will target the urban market, while the fourth one will be a larger e-bike designed for the “Fun” market. All EVs likely be in the 125 cc-equivalent or less category, with their main uses being for urban transport.

Such lightweight e-bikes have proven to be a popular starting point, with Husqvarna recently revealed its own lightweight electric bike concept known as the E-Pilen.

Honda Electric Vehicle in India

While the unveiling of Honda’s new Electric Vehicle plans was meant for international markets, one cannot discount the possibility of Honda introducing an Electric Vehicle in the Indian market as well.

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