Important Exterior Car Care and Maintenance Tips

One of the most important benefits of car maintenance is that you will give it a longer life. Regularly maintaining your car won’t require as much repair on its parts. Mechanically, every car is different. However, there is one maintenance item that is required among all cars, and that is the maintenance of its surfaces. Whether it’s cleaning, waxing, drying, and maintenance, exterior car care should become a regular part of your car care routine. Take some time to review the following important exterior car care tips to keep your car running at its optimum condition.

Wash it

Keeping your car clean will help you to maintain the paint colour and luster. The longer you leave dust and debris on your car’s bodywork the less vibrant the paintwork becomes over time. So make sure you get all the dust, bird droppings, dust etc completely removed. 

Use cleaning products designed for cars only

 Avoid using household car cleaning products. These products can sometimes be quite corrosive and contain chemicals that may cause damage or deteriorate the car’s paint over time. As well as choosing the right cleaning products it’s also very important to use the right types of cloths, sponges, brushes etc for scrubbing away the stubborn stuff. Microfiber cloths are always good for both washing and drying your car’s exterior. They are relatively inexpensive and reusable. Always start washing at the top of the car so dirty water and grime aren’t washed down over an area you’ve already cleaned.

Dry your car

Don’t forget to dry your car when finished washing. There is nothing worse than seeing those water spots on the bodywork if it’s allowed to dry on its own. These spots can often contain mineral deposits depending on the harshness of the water and these tend to stain when exposed to the sun.

Apply Protectants

After the vehicle has dried, pour a dab of vinyl and rubber protectant onto a clean rag and wipe it on all vinyl, plastic or rubber parts on the car’s exterior. These will most likely include door and window moldings, trim, mirrors, and tires. Wipe in a circular motion for complete and even coverage. Wait for the protectant to be absorbed completely. Once it is absorbed properly, the surface will look and feel dry. Then with a new, clean rag, wipe down the parts.

Wax It

Waxing makes the car look good by adding extra shine. it seals the exterior and protects it from the elements, ultra violet rays, salt, splattered insects and bird droppings. Wax usually comes in a form of paste, liquid or cream. If you have to rub and scrub an unwaxed vehicle with a cloth to get it clean, you risk scratching or rubbing through the clear coat and into the paintwork, which will result in visible surface scratches and swirls – especially if you have a black or dark shaded car.

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Car Valet 

We would always recommend a good valet at least once per year. Professional valet service will make sure that every nook and cranny inside and outside of your car is extensively cleaned. Some professional valet services can offer things like paint correction and light scratch removal as well as ensuring a glass-like shine from the paintwork.