Car Engine Maintenance Tips – Must for a Good Care

You’ve bought your dream car and now you want to make it last as long as possible in top condition. Wait! let me tell you the golden rule to take care of the life-line of your vehicle. The smoother the engine works, the smoothly your car will run. It is undoubtedly true that an engine is like the heart of a car and a healthy, functional car requires a healthy engine. In order to keep your car moving perfectly, it is very important to keep your engine fit. I can’t emphasize more how important it is to keep the engine fit and functioning efficiently.

In this fast-paced life are you taking good care of your vehicle? Are you following engine maintenance tips in order to help your engine run smoother and efficiently for a longer period? If not, here I am going to share the engine maintenance tips that will extend the life of your car. Follow these quick tips for extending the life of your automobile, reducing later repair expenses, improving your car’s performance and for helping your engine run forever.

Change engine oil

As you all know engine oil helps keep engine parts well lubricated so that they work properly and don’t overheat. While taking care of your vehicle’s engine the first step you need to follow is to change the engine oil at regular intervals. Don’t forget to check oil levels every month and quickly top up if the level is low. The oil filter should also be inspected on time as it filters all the junk from the oil and stops regulation back into the engine.

Monitor cooling system

You are well aware that the fuel that is burned inside your engine generates lots of heat. The job of the cooling system is to keep the temperature of the engine within proper limits. It is advisable to regularly check the engine coolant. An ideal ratio of 1:1 of coolant and distilled water is considered. In case you observe debris is present in the coolant and coolant is rust coloured or has no colour you need to bring your car for repairs.

Replace fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs

Fuel filter filters out the junk from the fuel. I strongly recommend you replace the fuel filter from time to time as it results in the free flow of clean fuel to the fuel pump and engine. To keep running and to function properly your car engine needs to breathe properly. Inspect and replace air filter whenever needed. Acts as a fire starter, the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders and requires little maintenance owing to its long life span. Proper maintenance and inspection at regular intervals will ensure that the engine retains its spark.

Check rubber belts

Rubber belts are an important component for your engine to run smoothly. For the long life of your vehicle’s engine, observe rubber belts and immediately replace them if you find any sort of cracks or wear. Instantly look at belts in case of any type of sound coming from under the hood.

Keep watch on leakage

Few fluids such as the engine oil and antifreeze can start leaking from under the hood so it is recommended to stop and look for any fluids on the ground. In case fluids are leaking, visit your nearest car repair expert immediately and get the problem fixed.

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In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you can also check and follow other quick tips like don’t keep going on reserve fuel, don’t ignore the check engine light, etc. Follow these tips and keep your engine healthy and don’t waste your lot of money on repairs/ replacement/ maintenance.