BMW Electric Adventure Concept Created by Indian Design Student

The future of the transport system will be a lot different than what we see today. As we continue to shift towards electric automobiles, there will be greater stress on things such as shared mobility and autonomous driving. Electric scooters and motorcycles are becoming more and more ubiquitous as the years go by. With the major advancements in battery and fast-charging technology, many skeptics of the electric movement have had a change of heart, thanks to more affordable technology, longer-lasting batteries, and overall environmental sustainability. At present, however, the electric 02-wheeler segment is dominated by lightweight bikes.

BMW Electric Adventure Bike – Neeraj Jawale’s Design

Neeraj Jawale, a Student of the National Institute of Design Gandhinagar believes that electric adventure biking will be one of the very few ways to experience the thrill and freedom of riding a bike in the future. Neeraj Jawale has created a BMW adventure motorbike concept that gives us a sneak peek into the future of two-wheelers.

The whole idea of an electric adventure motorbike is quite uncommon as most of the existing Electric Vehicles are scooters, naked bikes, and sports bikes. But Neeraj has managed to create a pretty impressive amalgamation of sustainable mobility and the Adventure genre that’s usually associated with exploring the unknown and having fun. He has made use of sweeping lines mated with sharp angles to give the electric bike an elegant, yet aggressive aesthetic. The neutral colourway scheme of white and dark grey is in tune with the motorcycle’s futuristic styling, and the cutting-edge precision engineering for which BMW is so well known. On the technology side, this concept bike is said to be equipped with a magnetic storage compartment that can easily be attached to the front and rear sides of the bike. Additionally, the designer has incorporated swappable batteries to further maximize the motorcycle’s range.

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He’s calling it the D-05T, and while most of the technology he features on this motorcycle is undoubtedly still a long way from becoming a reality, its overall principle is grounded in sustainable and enjoyable performance.

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