Basic Car Care and Maintenance Tips

For most vehicles, regular maintenance begins at five thousand miles and continues from there every five thousand to ten thousand miles. Of course, checking your vehicle on a more regular basis is even better. Following a regular maintenance routine will help extend the life of your vehicle as well as keep its performance at its peak. Care and Maintenance will also save you a lot of money in repairs. Here are some basic car care and maintenance tips to follow.

Drive with care – Drive with care every day and your car will be rewarded with a long time between repairs. Accelerate the car engine slowly when you start your drive. Shift to neutral at red lights to give it some time to rest.

Wash your car once a week – If you drive your car on a daily basis, washing your car once a week or once every two weeks is necessary. However, if you drive on dirty or bad roads, then you might need to wash your car more often. Not only will it keep your car clean and shiny but it can also help keep the paint intact for a longer period.

Wax your car – Waxing your car regularly will add an extra layer of protection against harsh weather, salt, bird droppings, tree sap, ultraviolet rays, vehicular and industrial pollution, and other assorted crud found in the air and on roads. waxing also makes the car’s look good by adding extra shine.

Park in the shade – Parking your car in the shade prevents interior damage by ultraviolet rays and protects your car’s paint.

Change engine oil and filter regularly – Many car owner’s manuals today recommend increasing the interval between engine oil changes. But frequent oil change is still necessary especially if you are maintaining a used car. It flush abrasive dirt and metal particles out of the engine, thus prolonging its life. Change the oil filters because the old filters contain buildup of oil and dirt particles that will otherwise remain and mix with the new, clean oil.

Take care of your car tyres – It is important to get the tyre pressure checked once a week. It is essential to maintain tyre pressure at the level recommended by the manufacturer. It will lower the risk of losing control of the car and prevents uneven wear that might result from underinflation or overinflation.

Clean your car engine – A clean engine compartment makes a car look newer and better maintained. Some shops that perform these services claim a clean engine even runs a little cooler because removing the gunk formed by dirt, oil and grease allows engines to run cooler. Don’t forget to check – Car Engine Maintenance Tips – Must for a Good Care

Change spark plugs – Many car makers recommend changing spark plugs every 50 000 km. This ensures good fuel mileage and high engine performance.

Maintain car battery – It does not matter if the manufacturer claims that the battery is maintenance-free, you still have to regularly check your car battery to extend its life. Start by keeping your battery terminals clean and protect them from further corrosion with terminal spray. Check the battery case for any sign of damage. Cracks and bulges are signs that your car battery needs to be replaced.

Select reliable car insurance – No matter how careful you are, accidents or damages are inevitable. In this case, you need to have reliable car insurance.